Happy Birthday <3


Thank you for being my best friend!^_^]
Kuchi says he loves you so much, and he thanks you for everything!




3 Days Left~


HAP.... ..OH! I'll continue my sentence tomorrow  ^_^] ~ hehehhehe~

A special hug to a special someone ^_^] *HUGGO*~~~~ I LOVE YOU DEAR!!


I've recieved  this email today that made me feel good XD I hope it'll make you feel better too ^_^]

It's from Neal Donald Walsch :

"there is a solution to all of this--and it is right

around the next corner.


A few weeks from now you will not even be facing

this problem. A few months from now, you will have

forgotten you ever had it. A few years from now you

will wonder why you let yourself worry so much.


I'm not trying to make light of it here. I just want to

put it in perspective.


Okay? Trust God here. Trust life.  And breathe. "




Yohho~ ^w^]/ I didn't post yesterday gomen~.

We went to a Milcha today >3<;; I dun like weddings o milchaat~. I had fun though ^_^] I kept playing with a little girl, hontou ni hontou ni CAWAIIIII!!!... she reminded me of someone *day dreaming* hmmm..ye..yea..keee.... hontou ni...hontou niii..ikhh I wan't to talk about that...ok ok i'll stop....*Thinking*I named her "chiri", but then remembered that she's someone's daughterXD;;.

Anyways ^_^]~ Today I was reading some quotes ne then I read "Bruce" sth I thought it was Bruce Lee XD;; then I thought maybe I can find quotes by him, and I went to look for something inspiring he said ne. It amazed me, really, Bruce Lee's BRILLIANT!!!!!! 0__0 I never thought he was THAT wise. I used to think that he's just a martial artist, and all that anyone could learn from him is how to fight, but today I've found some books written by him, and I've read some of his thoughts. He's a philosopher! Really amazing mind!! 0__0 SUGOOII

Yeah that's him~, hontou ni cawaiiiii XD

I'll share some of my favourate qoutes taken from his books: Striking Thoughts, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. ^_^]

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance”

“using no way as a way, using no limitations as a limitation.”

"It's not what you give, it's the way you give it."

"Out of chaos, find simplicity, From discord, find harmony."

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

“I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself”

"Faith makes it possible to achieve that which man's mind can conceive and believe."


Collapse )

-Bruce Lee.

well, I didnt like Bruce Lee much before because I thought he fought alot, I like him now ^_^] hontou ni a wise man.

My Dollo~!

I went out with mamma and I saw this doll..I really REALLY WANT IT T______T ... It was... expensive.

KYA!!! How pretty~!

Kuchikun<3 forever a bear!

KYA!!!! a really late post XD;;;;~ Kuchi's birthday was on the 23rd~
He's been here for a whole year~ KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamma made a jacket and a hat for him~ "shukwaaan~"~, and I took him to buy any toy he wants~, he bought a boat and kept saying its a train.... >_>;;; k-kuchiiiiiiiiii.. >3<it's a boat. I'll post about it later~ ^w^]~

Kuchi and his idol~! SSSakurai Sho~

That's the cake I made for him~ ^w^] It was good~
My little beaw is was happy~<3<3


Kuchi and the other Five ~ XD~

MY LITTLE BEAW!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU T_____________T

*HUGGING AND KISSING KUCHI*~~~KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3



How I felt the past week/s>3<;....I almost fainted at one point, I couldn't stand it longer..

After all what happened I realized that there's a pure happiness behind it all.

Just Look deeper and think wider ^w^] you'll understand why humans have minds~

Be Happi <3~

TamaKuchi [n-no kuchi loves ryozu more, I just liked the name ^_^]

Kuchi's new friend~ ^w^]

I wanted to call it "OO" because of the kanji "" I love it >_>;; but it'll sound weired if I called it OO XD;;;;;;;;; then I think i'll call it "Tama-chan" [The seel in D no Arashi episode] XD  Kuchi keeps calling him Tamachan ^w^] and I love it~ <3<3

  A really sweet creature ^_^]                                                             poor Tama-chan can't speak

To my favorite seel ever~<3
Cuter than Tamachan
 I'm getting hazukashiiii~ >///////////////////<]
>/////////////<] ...

Yea yea >3<;; I just wanted to put his picture.
Kuchi says he loves ryozu more <3~ "wyozu ahibik heeel<3 sadeeqee sadooq"